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Inlay Designs

As seen in the pictures, we use our circle sawn inlay material to create the designs in our doors. We can produce your barn door with any design you can come up with but some of our most popular designs are the “K” style, “X” style, “Z” style (picture in top right), and also the 3 panel design or “T” style. 

We’ll continue to create beautiful material for you to utilize and leave your own personal touch on. No matter what design you choose for your barn door, we ensure that it will look beautiful and leave an impression on all who see it.

"Would you like that with or without Cow Rub today?"

The effect an animal has from rubbing up against a beam, post, or door over time is what we refer to as cow rub. When cows were brought back into the barn for the night, they would often attempt to fit through the door all at once! This caused the doors to have extreme wear on the edges. 

Most of our doors are sold with cow rub as it’s a highly desirable trait. However, we do have the option for you to purchase your door with square edges.

Our Standard Door Size is 3'x7'

Our standard door size is 3′ x 7′ even though industry standard doors are 3′ x 6′ 8″. The reason for this is to allow our doors to reach the track that’s mounted above the door opening. By having the door an extra 4″ taller, it will fit “standard” openings perfectly!

Custom Barn Doors

As mentioned above, our standard doors are 3′ x 7′. However, we make doors of all sizes! We make doors up to 5′ wide and 9′ tall. If your home or project requires a custom door, reach out to one of our Dealer locations and they’ll happily get you a quote!

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