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Box Beams

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Forever Barnwood Box Beams are available in any combination of 4″, 6″,
8″, and 10″ width and height, in lengths far greater than our solid beams.
Our beams are available as 3-sided u-beams and 4-sided box beams. Our
unique miter lock joint makes it almost impossible to notice where the
boards come together. Our unique miter lock also makes it possible for us
to offer the beams with or without cow rub. Forever Barnwood Box
Beams are lightweight. This makes the beams much easier to work with
than our authentic solid beams.

Individually handcrafted and kiln dried for product stability.
The drying also creates great checking and cracking which adds to the
authenticity of these rustic pieces.

Seamless miter lock joint

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Both of our beam options are used frequently for non-structural coffered ceilings, and a variety of suspended beam designs. They are available with or without cow rub.

Why Choose Forever Barnwood

Forever Barnwood is an established supplier of barnwood beams and box beams in Wisconsin. We are known for high-quality products for residential, commercial construction and remodeling projects. You can talk to any of our friendly staff about your project.

Our patent pending barnwood aging process allows us to create a timeless authentic look in a time frame that allows us to scale our barnwood product to meet your quantity needs as well as your schedule. Our products carry a higher quality at a lower price point than reclaimed barnwood. In addition our products are free of contaminants and safe in any project.

We’re a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and the National Association of Homebuilders.

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Forever Barnwood designs and manufactures barnwood box beams and a variety of other types of barnwood wall boards for our clients all over the country. We can customize them for you. Contact us today for more information.

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