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Hollow Box Beams

Like our Solid Core Beams, our Hollow Core Beams are all handcrafted individually and are truly a work of art.  The boards used to create our box beams are also kiln dried to prevent them from twisting and curling. Since these boards are 1 inch thick they do not check and crack like our solid beams. However, by utilizing a unique miter joint we’re able to add our signature Cow Rub to the Beams.  These beams are traditionally available in lengths up to 16′. Longer lengths are available upon request.

Solid Beams

Our timbers are individually handcrafted in a variety of dimensions and lengths up to 16 ft. We kiln dry our timbers and posts so they are stable. The drying process also creates great checking and cracking which adds to the authenticity of these rustic pieces. They are used frequently for non-structural coffered ceilings, a variety of suspended beam designs, mantles, bars, rail, and stair treads. They are available with or without cow rub. We also offer decorative brackets and square head bolts to finish off your timber and post project.

Seamless Miter Lock Joint

Our 4 sided Hollow Box Beams and our U-Beams feature a unique miter lock joint that allows for a seamless fit. This style of joint allows us to apply minute hints of our signature Cow Rub to the beams and still allow for little to no visibility of a joint in place, but still deliver a rustic looking beam.

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