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We truly believe that any of our barnwood products could be used as a wall covering. We have personally used 1″ and 2″ dimensional lumber, our Shiplap in 4.25″, 6.25″, and 8.25″ widths, and our signature Handy Pack which is a 3/8″ thick by 4.25″ wide product for anyone looking for a DIY type of product.


Our 1 inch dimensional boards may be the most authentic barnwood wall covering available. Back in the day, they used 1″ boards to cover the walls in many structures. The slight variance in thickness provides depth and texture, while the head on the face nails, and other features provide multiple aspects of character and beauty.


Our 2 inch dimensional lumber serves many different purposes. Typically we see it used to make furniture, mantles, shelves, etc. However, we also enjoy the look of our 2″ dimensional lumber as a wall covering! Add this to any wall in your home to create a truly unique feature wall that your friends and loved ones will admire.


People are going absolutely crazy over our shiplap! The most common size used is our 6.25″ product. Ripped from an 8″ blank, our shiplap covers approximately 20% more square footage than our competitors similar sized product. It’s also a reversible product with 4 variant looks available within the single board! One side of our shiplap will have the weathered texture, and the flip side will have the original circle saw marks like you would commonly find on the inside of a barn! These boards can be installed with the nickel gap or you can fit them together for a seamless appearance.

Handy Pack

The greatest feature of our Handy Pack is the ease and simplicity of installation. We created this product with the homeowner in mind. Face nail and glue, or just glue them to the wall with the tongue and groove tight and it’s fool proof. Our Handy Pack product is available in all 6 of our colors and each board is reversible. One side of our Handy Pack features a weathered texture, and the flip side will have the original circle saw marks like you would commonly find on circle sawn boards of that period. You can purchase this product by the box. Our 4′ box covers 25.5 square feet and is defect free. It will have the character that our authentic product is known for and it will be 100% useable. You will love this product and it will give you the ability to transform any room in your home in a matter of hours!

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