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Visual Impact With Barnwood Walls

Wall coverings make a huge impact on the overall look of a room. The material you use and the colors you choose can make or break the interior design you’re going for. Our products bring the warmth of aged barnwood to your project. Achieve the rustic look you envision by choosing Forever Barnwood’s interior walls. 

Our decorative and rustic barnwood wall boards are made of renewable resources that undergo our patent pending treatment. This way, you get the barnwood products you want without waiting long or paying too much.

We have a varied range of barnwood shiplap and barnwood planks. Explore your options today.

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Product Versatility

We truly believe that any of our barnwood products could be used as a wall covering. We have personally used 1″ and 2″ dimensional lumber, our Shiplap in 6.25″ and 8.25″ widths, and our signature tongue & groove Handy Pack which is a 3/8″ thick by 4.25″ wide product for anyone looking for a DIY type of product.

1 Inch Dimensional Barnwood

Our 1 inch dimensional boards may be the most authentic barnwood interior wall covering available. Back in the day, they used 1″ boards to cover the walls in many structures. The slight variance in thickness provides depth and texture, while the head on the face nails, and other features provide multiple aspects of character and beauty.

2 Inch Dimensional Barnwood

Our 2 inch dimensional lumber serves many different purposes. Typically we see it used to make furniture, mantles, shelves, etc. However, we also enjoy the look of our 2″ dimensional lumber as a wall covering! Add barnwood interior walls in your home to create a truly unique feature wall that your friends and loved ones will admire.


Our barnwood shiplap wall coverings are sought after for their visual impact. This type of barnwood interior wall is often characterized by long wooden planks mounted horizontally with nickel (small) gaps in between.

Our most popular shiplap size is the 6.25” model. Our shiplap can cover up to 20% more square footage than similarly sized products from competitors. When shopping for shiplap products it is important to understand that our product covers more square footage, for the money, than other comparable products. Our products are reversible, too. One side has a weathered texture the other side features saw marks that are typical of lumber that was milled on a traditional circle saw mill. There are 4 looks to choose from.

You can choose to install them with the popular nickel (small) gap or you can fit them together for a seamless look.


Our Handy Pack is the right choice if you’re looking for barnwood interior wall boards that are easy to install. Like all of our other barnwood products our handypack product is made from Wisconsin white pine. We designed this product with homeowners in mind. You can install the wall boards with face nails. Alternatively, you can opt for tongue and groove coverings, and simply glue the barnwood onto the walls. Both are foolproof ways to build barnwood interior walls. 

The Handy Pack is available in all of our color options: 100 Year Old Traditional, Desert Burn, White Wash, Red Barn, Century Gray, and Patina Gray. All boards are reversible. One side features a weathered texture and the other side shows the original circle saw marks you commonly see on walls in barns.

Complete your project or transform an existing room in a matter of hours. Our 4’ Handy Pack box covers 25.5 square feet of defect-free barnwood. Each product displays the authenticity and quality we are known for.

Why Choose Forever Barnwood

Forever Barnwood is an established supplier of barnwood interior walls in Wisconsin. We are known for high-quality products for residential, commercial construction and remodeling projects. You can talk to any of our friendly staff about your project.

Our patent pending barnwood aging process allows us to create a timeless authentic look in a time frame that allows us to scale our barnwood product to meet your quantity needs as well as your schedule. Our products carry a higher quality at a lower price point than reclaimed barnwood. In addition our products are free of contaminants and safe in any project.

We’re a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and the National Association of Homebuilders.

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Forever Barnwood designs and manufactures barnwood shiplap and a variety of other types of barnwood wall boards for our clients all over the country. We can customize them for you. Contact us today for more information.