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High-Quality and Customizable

Forever Barnwood offers a limited variety of great products, some of them come in fairly standard requested sizes – and we’re offering them for you to buy right here on our website! If you want any of our other products – just contact us and we’ll gladly help you out. 

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The Beauty is in the Cow Rub

Cow rub is the distinct texture and color you find on a post, beam, or board, as a result of constant rubbing from, you guessed it—a cow. Due to their former life as a post, beam, or board that cows like to rub against, some of our dimensional barnwood lumber with thicknesses of 2” or more have cow rub.

We leave this one-of-a-kind weathering in the wood, as it lends more character. It’s also a stamp of authenticity and durability. By using cow-rubbed lumber for mantels, corbels, beams, doors, posts, and other home parts, you not only make functional pieces of wood, but beautiful conversation pieces, too. 

For all your barn wood needs, we're here to help.

Please reach out if you have questions, or if you want to order some of our products not available on our website.

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