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Forever Barnwood's

Rustic Barnwood Flooring

Now Available in Rustic White Pine and Rustic Red Oak

Barnwood Flooring for Every Project

The alluring appearance of Rustic Barnwood Flooring isn’t easy to replicate. But our Wisconsin barnwood shop’s patent pending treatment makes this rustic vintage look available to you. There’s no need to wait years for the natural beauty of hardwood after years of aging and weathering. You can start your barnwood project, no matter the color and texture you’re aiming for, and still get everything done within schedule.

From weathered appearance to vintage colors, whatever characteristic you need for your flooring project, we’ll provide it for you. We use renewable resources to design and produce the exact type of barnwood floor planks that you have in mind.



Easy to Install

What makes our rustic barnwood flooring so alluring? We believe the answer is in its beauty and ease of installation. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the homeowner. We’ve taken our 100-Year- Old Traditional color and had it produced into an oil and created a system that makes our barnwood plank flooring easy to install and finish.

Never Before Available

Many people fall in love with the rustic charm of barnwood planks. But weathered wooden flooring wasn’t always easily accessible. It would take years — or even decades — before hardwood starts showing signs of its beautiful aging process. Our team at Forever Barnwood has always been appreciative of the outdoors and we want to bring that charm indoors. So we developed a patent pending treatment that speeds up the process.

Our Wisconsin shop’s hardwood flooring is made of renewable resources that have been treated to get the color and texture that your project requires. We make it easily available and affordable for you.

Why Choose Forever Barnwood Flooring

Our rustic barnwood flooring shop makes sure that every custom piece we make is as beautiful as the last. Each carefully sourced and handcrafted board is also manageable to install and maintain. Our barnwood products also come in a wide range of standard sizes you don’t typically get in reclaimed wood.

Beautiful Rustic Accents

      • Original Circle Saw
      • Marks
      • Knots
      • Worm Holes
      • Over-wood
      • Color Variation
      • Water Marks
      • And More!

Easy to Install & Finish

      • Tongue & Groove
      • Easy Gluing Process
      • Face Nail or Blind Nail
      • Choose Your Level of Rustic
      • Oil Buffs in with Ease

Ease of Maintenance

      • Never Need to Refinish
      • Cleaning Kits Available
      • Able to Remove Stains
      • Dents/Scratches Easy to Repair
      • Refresh Your Finish Quickly


We’re always looking to educate our customers about our products. Here are the questions they frequently ask us.

Barnwood is exactly as it sounds. Typically it is timber recovered from barns that were dismantled for renovation. Instead of sending them to the incinerator, the old wood is reclaimed and processed for new life. This can make for a costly product. We at Forever Barnwood have created a reclaimed-alternative product that looks and feels like barnwood, With this product, we create beautiful home improvement products like flooring, doors, stair parts, mantles, beams, and wall coverings, all at a fraction of the price of authentic barnwood. Our barnwood products are from renewable resources and come in many sizes.

The reason people find rustic barnwood flooring appealing is its vintage look. Rustic barnwood floors were used in barns and houses for years. The allure of this flooring comes from the unique markings, staining, weathering, and patina. At Forever Barnwood we have successfully replicated this look using newly-processed timber. These characteristics are reproduced authentically in our manufacturing process, and makes every flooring project truly unique and affordable. And, as an added bonus, our wood is from renewable resources and available in many sizes.

The advantage of Forever Barnwood wood floors is that our process makes this look affordable. For a more accurate cost of our barnwood flooring products for your project, contact our representatives by phone at (715) 293-9739 or shoot us an email at

If you want to make a room look more spacious, try our White Wash barnwood. Light colors like white reflect light better, giving people the illusion of a bigger space. Our Patina Gray variant also provides the same effect while providing a pastel touch to your room.

If you want the space to look visually grounded, then yes. However, this is more of a rule of thumb. Collaborate with a professional designer to find a color combination that best fits your taste. Your home, your rules! Our WOCA oils are offered in 100s of colors and combinations.

WOCA offers a complete line of cleaning and floor refreshing products we highly recommend.

How to Finish Barnwood Flooring

Watch our video to learn all about Woca oils, as well as instructions and tips on how to finish your rustic barnwood flooring. Following the right steps ensures a beautiful final product – and flooring you will love.

Get Expertly-Crafted Barnwood

If you want professionally sourced, processed and affordable barnwood, Forever Barnwood is your partner. We provide high-quality wooden products without breaking the budget. Our barnwood products have lengths of up to 16’ and widths up to 20”. We can customize the timber we produce into flooring, doors, wall coverings, mantles, beams, stair parts, and more.

Contact our team today to give your project the visual appeal of reclaimed wood without the high price tag.

Let’s Get Started on Your Barnwood Flooring Project

Forever Barnwood’s rustic barnwood flooring is customizable. We design and produce pieces to match your project, and each one comes at an affordable price. Contact us today to place your order.