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Dimensional Lumber

Barnwood that Gives Life to Interiors

Forever Barnwood’s dimensional barnwood lumber allows you to fashion just about any decorative piece, or wall accent you can imagine.

Our dimensional barnwood affords ease of application due to their standard widths and lengths. If you need to, you may also cut them to your specifications for custom applications. The lumber comes with our special wood treatment to give your creations a unique, rustic look. Avoid the hassle of mixing and matching reclaimed wood from different sources, or sanding and finishing the pieces for uniform sizes and looks.

Order them in 1-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch thicknesses to create stunning ornamental accents, floating shelves, mantels, or entire kitchen islands, entire bars—literally any design you can think of and desire.

Due to their uniqueness, the scraps from your projects may inspire you to create even more distinct pieces. Our dimensional barnwood lumber gives great value by letting you create one-of-a-kind pieces and minimizing waste.

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1 inch Dimensional 100 Year Circle Saw
1 inch Dimensional 100 Year Circle Saw
1 inch Dimensional 100 Year Weathered

The Beauty is in the Cow Rub

Cow rub is the distinct texture and color you find on a post, beam, or board, as a result of constant rubbing from, you guessed it—a cow. Due to their former life as a post, beam, or board that cows like to rub against, some of our dimensional barnwood lumber with thicknesses of 2” or more have cow rub.

We leave this one-of-a-kind weathering in the wood, as it lends more character. It’s also a stamp of authenticity and durability. By using cow-rubbed lumber for mantels, corbels, beams, doors, posts, and other home parts, you not only make functional pieces of wood, but beautiful conversation pieces, too. 

Barnwood Lumber Adds Value

Your home or living spaces get a truly rustic quality when you use Forever Barnwood’s products in your interior design. Each rustic element is a tip of the hat to our pioneering ancestors, and is something your elders can look upon with pleasant nostalgia.

Apart from making your interiors look good, Forever Barnwood’s different products add both sentimental and real value. You’ll also find that the applications and design possibilities of our products are far better and more durable than what you’ll see at your local home depot. You can think of our products as investments that only appreciate in value and look more beautiful as time passes.

Products like our specially treated millwork or cow-rubbed lumber increase your home’s dollar value. With Forever Barnwood, you can make your home more attractive to buyers—assuming you’d still want to sell after you see the outcome of your renovated home!

Enjoy its Many Applications

Forever Barnwood’s dimensional barnwood is available in standard widths and lengths, or cut to your specifications. This makes our barnwood lumber an extremely versatile material to help you realize virtually any ornamental element you have in mind.


Whether you want the rustic uneven depth that barnwood provides, or you prefer it to be more uniform and contemporary, our dimensional barnwood will look beautiful in your project.


A popular use for our Dimensional Lumber is the creation of a Rustic Barnwood bar. These statement pieces are sure to transform any space.

DIY Projects

Our product has such little waste that often times the scrap from your project can be turned into wall decor, towel hangers, or anything else you can dream of!

Rustic Countertops

Our 2″ and 4″ dimensional barnwood lumber is often used for tables, bar tops, and conference tables! Order with Cowrub and it will really make a statement!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are all the rage in today’s barnwood industry! We see them used in bathrooms, kitchens, and more!


If you’re really handy you can even make our dimensional barnwood lumber into furniture! Order your materials, then fit your pieces together. Any raw lumber that’s exposed or sanded down can easily be touched up with our Secret Sauce to perfectly blend the finish!

Why Forever Barnwood?

As you’ve read above, Forever Barnwood’s line of dimensional barnwood lumber sizes is versatile. Not only are our products functional, their unique texture and patterns are also guaranteed to be conversation starters.

Whether you’re remodeling and you want the interior design to draw people’s eyes in or you simply want to build an accent piece of furniture that will steal the show in any room, our dimensional lumber can deliver.

Other barnwood suppliers provide you with the standard dimensional lumber, and maybe that’s enough for the average do-it-yourselfer. But for those with exacting standards like you, only the best quality barnwood lumber from Forever Barnwood will do.

Let’s Talk

Forever Barnwood’s dimensional lumber can be used to enhance any project, at an affordable price. Contact us today to place your order.

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