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Forever Barnwood's


Interior Millwork Made Better

Bringing old-world charm and rustic appeal to your interiors is now much easier with our Millwork package. You can finally give an authentic barnwood look to your home’s interior doors, door casings, and base.

  • Moulder Run
  • Standard Millwork Profiles
  • Prefinished
  • Kiln-Dried To Millwork Specs
  • Pre-Hung Interior Doors

As Forever Barnwood’s product line continues to expand, it is now possible to ensure all interior elements have our unique rustic appearance. Thanks to our patent-pending treatment, you can go as far as having authentic circular saw marks on the flooring, dimensional lumber, and wall accents as a common binding theme.

Why go through the trouble of finding reclaimed hardwood, or waiting for your hardwood to develop that beautiful color and texture that comes with decades of aging and weathering? Don’t put off your project—start planning your barnwood interiors and pick out the hues and grain you desire. Rest assured your rustic interiors will be completed on schedule, and at a fraction of the cost!


Stable, Light, Sound Operation

Our team is excited to offer an engineered stave core door to the our new interior door and millwork package. These doors feature the latest technology in door construction. This technology produces a door that is more stable, lighter, and operates more soundly than other types of doors (see details below)

Millwork Door Construction

Barnwood Quality You Expect

These doors feature all of the authentic circle saw marks, rustic appearance, and old world character that you have come to expect in all Forerver Barnwood products. Bring history inside with the Forever Barwood Interior Door and Millwork Package. 

Types of Millwork

Why Choose Millwork Interiors?

There are many advantages to having Forever Barnwood’s Millwork interiors added to your home.

One is that your rooms are endowed with a comfy, old-world charm that only a select few craftsmen can provide. Not many homes have the rustic appeal our Millwork provides. It is nearly impossible to mould traditional reclaimed hardwoods into Millwork. Reclaimed wood is often rotten, molded, full of nails, and other impurities that prevent mills from processing it into Millwork products.

The effort to source reclaimed, aged barnwood can also be a difficult task; scouring the countryside for these rare finds can take a lot of time and money.

Millwork interiors look robust and rugged because they are—each rustic element is made from fresh pine that has been expertly designed, masterfully crafted, and treated with Forever Barnwood’s patent-pending wood treatment process. When you incorporate Millwork interiors into your home, you give it a unique appearance that withstands the test of time, increases its value, and lasts for generations. 

Start Designing with our Millwork Interiors

Choose Forever Barnwood’s Millwork products, and don’t put off your ideas. Realize the beauty of your desired interiors with barnwood that looks like it was sculpted by nature itself, at a fraction of the cost!

Get your barnwood and Millwork interiors from one reliable and proven provider—Forever Barnwood.

Cabin on the Lake Project - Hinged Door