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Stair Parts

We Start With Rustic

Our stair parts are a surefire way to make a statement in any home. Our handrails feel and look as authentic as it gets. We make them 3 ½ inches wide and offer them with our signature Cow Rub. This profile coupled with the natural character in the wood gives you the beautiful rustic look you’ve been searching for.

We apply the same concepts to our Balusters and Code Rail. You’ll find that the rustic character in our stair parts is never-ending. Look below for more details and product specifications.


Treads & Risers

Forever Barnwood offers treads and risers in 48″ lengths. Risers are 1″x8″, and treads are 1″x12″. Treads and risers are offered in any Forever Barnwood color.

We offer Bullnose Landing Treads in 8′ lengths.

Newel Posts & Handrails

Forever Barnwood offers newel posts in 6″x6″. All newel posts are sold as 5′ long and can be cut on site to the desired length. They are available with or without Cow Rub. We offer 2″x2″ balusters in a 48″ length – they too can be cut to length. We offer handrail in 3.5″x2″ in various lengths and 2″x2″ code rail in various lengths. Stair parts are available with or without Cow Rub.

Why Choose Us

Forever Barnwood is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association and the National Association of Homebuilders, and we feature highest-quality, most authentic, reclaim type product on the market. We also offer our product at an affordable price, far lower than a true reclaimed product. Out product is food and commercial safe, free of contaminants, and scalable. Forever Barnwood products are sure to draw attention to your home or business.

Our renewable barnwood products are offered in a variety of colors such as 100-year-old traditional, Desert Burn, Red Barn, Patina Grey, Whitewash, and Farmhouse White. All these finishes capture the natural warmth, age, and beauty of reclaimed barnwood. We offer a weathered texture, as might be found on the exterior of an old barn, and a circle saw texture, as found on the inside of the barn. We offer the highest quality most authentic barnwood product on the market. Schedule a consultation with us today so our knowledge staff can help you find the right product suitable for your interior decoration needs.

Let’s Start Talking

Forever Barnwood’s rustic barnwood stair parts are completely customizable. We design and produce pieces to match your project, and each one comes at an affordable price. Contact us today to discuss your project.