Our barnwood planks and boards are created with an authentic 100 year old barn in mind. All of these boards have an authentic weathered appearance featuring vintage knots, colors, old rustic surface appearance, and characteristics. You will swear that these boards were just pulled off the barn. All of our products have been kiln dried which makes our planks and boards stable.

Our barnwood wall coverings come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and profiles. We use 1″ and 2″ Dimensional Lumber, Shiplap, and our very own Handy Pack. Transform any room in a matter of hours with our barnwood wall coverings.

We can work to create the perfect rustic barn doors for your residence or business. We offer many door styles, but you can create your own signature design. Each of our doors are hand built one at a time and no two are exactly alike. Incorporating the latest in door hardware with our style will create a unique entry to any room or closet. There is not a barn door on the market that compares to our doors. These doors are a full 2″ thick stile and rail doors – they are heavy – substantial – and stable to prevent warping and twisting.

Our distressed wood mantel and corbel combinations will add unique architecture to your space. Whether it is for a warm and cozy fireplace inside or for a large living space we are sure that our vintage woods will have a great appeal. We offer our mantels in many lengths so we can make yours unique and original.

Add rustic beauty and traditional craftsmanship with our unique collection of antique beams and reclaimed timbers. These pieces provide a unique appeal and look that will bring any room to life. Beautify your space. A timber post or beam can tie together all of our other vintage products.

Our barnwood floors are as close to reclaimed as you will find. The difference is that our flooring is brand new kiln dried character grade wood without all the difficulties associated with reclaimed flooring. It is stunning once installed following our installation instructions. You can tailor our product to your desired level of rustic finish. Once you apply our Forever Barnwood oil and buff it into our floors – they absolutely take on the look of a turn of the century old barnwood floor. The wood will become very dense once the oil fills the grain and the resins cure. You will be amazed at how hard and durable these pine floors can be. Over time you can refresh your floors by simply buffing in additional oil.

If you are looking for a feature that really makes a statement, you really need to look at our Newel Posts, Handrails, and balusters. These are as authentic and stunning as anything you will find. Each piece is handcrafted from the cow rubbed edges tot he natural imperfections and checking. Designed to meet code in most areas.

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