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A great way to add rich, rustic accents to your fireplace is by adding a Forever Barnwood Mantle. Our Mantles are available in two sizes and in our Traditional 100-Year-Old color featuring the original circle sawn marks left by the milling process. If you need a length in-between, below you will find a helpful video that will show you how to customize your mantle to your desired length and finish it just like we do at Forever Barnwood.

Defining characteristics of our Mantles are the knots and deep cracks that are found in each hand-picked masterpiece. These cracks and knots are common in reclaimed beams found in old barns and farmsteads.

Our Mantles are kiln-dried just as our other products to ensure stability. Each of these mantles is unique and will become the focal masterpiece of your fireplace surround.

Available in 100-Year-Old Traditional Only

Mantels are available with or without cowrub.

The Beauty is in the Cow Rub
Cow rub is the distinct texture and color you find on a post, beam, or board, as a result of constant rubbing from, you guessed it—a cow. Due to their former life as a post, beam, or board that cows like to rub against, some of our dimensional barnwood lumber with thicknesses of 2” or more have cow rub.

We leave this one-of-a-kind weathering in the wood, as it lends more character. It’s also a stamp of authenticity and durability. By using cow-rubbed lumber for mantels, corbels, beams, doors, posts, and other home parts, you not only make functional pieces of wood, but beautiful conversation pieces, too.

For all your barn wood needs, we're here to help.

Please reach out if you have questions, or if you want to order some of our products not available on our website.

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