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Barnwood Flooring

Buying Guide

Barnwood Flooring

Barnwood flooring can give any home a distinctive look. Barnwood floors add warmth, rich texture, and character to any residential interior. If you want to give your humble abode a natural charm that impresses guests, it’s a great idea to invest in this flooring type.  

But what are barnwood floors and how can you pick the right one for your home? What are your options?

What are Barnwood Floors?

Typically, barnwood floors are the products of salvaged floorboards fashioned from old barns slated for demolition. The planks from this type of floor are made from original barnwood floorboards or other timber like beams, joists, and barn siding. The limited supply and the cost of processing these pieces of wood can make for an expensive end-product. That’s where Forever Barnwood comes in. We at Forever Barnwood have created a reclaimed-alternative product that looks and feels like authentic barnwood, With this product, we create beautiful home improvement products like flooring, doors, stair parts, mantles, beams, and wall coverings, all at a fraction of the price of authentic barnwood. Our barnwood products are from renewable resources and come in many sizes.

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Why Barnwood Floors are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Barnwood floors can give any home simple beauty and rustic charm. This type of flooring has character, created through saw marks, unique markings, staining, weathering, and patina — all giving the appearance of wear and use. These characteristics are reproduced authentically in our manufacturing process and makes every flooring project truly unique and affordable. And, as an added bonus, our flooring is created from a renewable resource. We use the part of the tree that is normally discarded or pulped.

Considerations When Buying Barnwood Floors

Traditionally barnwood floors have only been available in a reclaimed product. These boards were reclaimed from a variety of sources ranging from barns to corn bins, from old wagons to the floors in train cars. These reclaimed boards are old, worn and often filled with impurities and chemicals harmful to humans and pets, given extended exposure. Basically whatever sat on, or was around that reclaimed wood is permanently pressed into that wood. In addition to that, the reclaimed wood that you receive will only be between 60-80% useable due to its aged condition. This vastly increases your cost per square foot.

Forever Barnwood plank flooring is everything reclaimed flooring is not. Our planks are offered in a standard flooring profile, free from any impurities because it is new wood, an between 90-98% useable.

We use a wonderful relationship with Woca Floor Oil USA to offer the finest oil finished floor in the world. This is a durable, rustic, liveable, refreshable, rustic looking barnwood plank floor.

How to Choose?

Your barnwood flooring supplier can help you with your selection. Here at Forever Barnwood, we’ll help you narrow down your choices and offer recommendations that suit your home’s design. Find the right product with us today.

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